Vegasus is an Amsterdam based international food delivery and testing project, focused on sharing the experience of great vegan food

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Since 2012, VEGASUS has been making delicious conscious creations and operating mainly from markets and festivals serving the local community.

Currently we are looking to expand the company to a broader audience, making our wholesome, vegan food available to everyone.


VEGASUS loves to make vegan food accessible to everybody and at each event or gathering.

Please contact Vegasus for a quotation  – 06 11 434 888 


I find the impact of veganism extremely important and instrumental in making a positive influence in people’s lives. I want to make a difference, a big happy difference one plate at a time. It’s true what they say:  Peace begins at our own plate!


We will prepare, bring and serve our dishes of your choice on location. 


Our specialty and passion. This is  what is most requested and loved by our customers


We prepare fresh food on spot. Your healthy choice